Independent Energy Systems - Santa Cruz, CA

These guys installed our system and did a tremendous job.  They worked with me for nearly two months as we
investigated different panels, inverters, layouts, etc.  All hardware is top quality, and the installation is extremely
clean.  The arrays are perfectly flat (even thought the roof isn't) and there are no visible wires.  All rails and
mounting hardware are black powder coated.

This site is a good resource for learning about different solar systems, finding installers, calculating system sizes,
etc.  I found our installer via this site.

Tesla Motors

This Northern California company is building an all-electric two seater roadster designed by ex-Lotus designers that
has a 250 mile range and does 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds.  That's right in the same range of my Z06's 3.8
seconds.  I am currently on the waiting list for a 2009.

CalCars is a non-profit that is pushing the auto-makers to produce "Plug-in Hybrids", or PHEVs.  In brief, take a
Prius, add extra batteries, plug it in at night and it can run the next day for 30 miles entirely on electricity.  When the
batteries deplete it runs as a normal hybrid using the gas engine.  Plug it in again and get another 30 miles.  Forget
to plug it in, no worries, it's a normal hybrid.  The fuel economy for an around town PHEV is well over 100 mpg.  I
have driven one of these (retrofitted by a third party) and it's cool!  


In the Spring of 2008, this company will begin selling and installing retrofits for the Prius and Ford Escape Hybrid to
turn them into PHEV's.
Severex Power Inc.
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