System Specifications:

Solar Modules:  65 Kyocera  
KC130GT's (that's an 8.4 kW system, which
is bigger than most home installations)
Inverter 1: SMA Sunny Boy
SB6000U (Second Floor, West Face)
Inverter 2: SMA Sunny Boy
SB3800U (Garage, South Face)
Web Interface:  SMA
Sunny WebBox
Installer:  Independent Energy Systems - Santa Cruz, CA (These guys

The Sunny WebBox uploads data to SMA's Sunny Portal website every 15
minutes.  Sunny Portal updates run about 2 hours behind real-time.  Click
on the links to the left to see current production numbers (approx. 2 hours
old) from Sunny Portal.

Note that less energy is produced on warmer days because the modules
are less efficient when they are hot.  Cool clear days are ideal for solar
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