-Behind the Scenes-
This device that we found on the Internet replaced
Kelsey as our #1 light fixer and saved us countless
hours.  It's Magic!!!  More info on the News page.
Who said Xmas lighting is all fun and games?  I
"found" this broken bulb while rolling up a string.
Look what the KRON guy left in the garage last year.  We gave it back......
The new fiber optic simulator.  Now we can easily update the simulator by printing a new overlay and
moving the fiber around like a "Lite-Brite".
The new donated PC (Thanks, Larry Baz!).  Twice as fast
and half the size.  We now are at a screaming 800mhz.
Mission Control for 2004
Fixing Tree Globes prior to getting the magic tester.  
Test a bulb and put a zip-tie on it to mark it as good.
While hand  painting the icicles, I decided to replace
all white, red & yellow zip ties with black ones.  They
were on the upstairs icicles and nobody noticed
them, but
I knew they were there......
One way of hiding extension cords.  Make a
harness and then camouflage it.
Someone said they didn't see many extension cords in
the display..... WRONG!!  We are just good at hiding them.