- Behind the Scenes 2005 -
2004 Behind the Scenes (fiber optic simulator)
2003 Behind the Scenes (construction of the lighted candy cane vase)
2002 Behind the Scenes (info on the PC control)
2001 Behind the Scenes
Building new Streelight bundles.  
Each segment is comprised of
one 100 bulb string that is
wrapped around two nails that
are spaced at the proper
distance (distance Calc. required
a Cray Supercomputer).  Once
wrapped, they are secured with
tie-wraps.  When all 32
segments are completed, they
are tie-wrapped together and
then their individual power cords
are run down the bundle to the
bottom where they connect to a
16 Channel Light-O-Rama
controller.  Dogs are dumb.  That
cannot be comfortable....
Remember that fiber optic simulator
that I built last year that was going
to make it so easy to make
updates each year?  Well....  the
new Light-O-Rama software has
that feature built right in.  You can
design your light layout on the PC
and test it from the warmth of your
office in the house and not in the
freezing garage!  Anybody need a
slightly used hardware simulator?  
Click on the image to see a video of
the simulator in action.  The song is
Wizards in Winter by Trans Siberian
Rudolf 2.0
For years, Rudolf sat on the right lawn, minding his own
business.  He had 2 channels.  One to turn on his lights
and make his head move, and another one to turn on his
nose.  This year, his standing among the other reindeer
has been "elevated"....  get it?  elevated?  He's up on the

Now, instead of two channels, he has ten!  1) White lights,
2) Head Movement, 3) Nose, 4) Laser, 5) Atomic
Sunglasses, 6) Smoke, 7) Police Light, 8) Red Spotlight, 9)
Blue Spotlight, 10) Green Spotlight.

Given the new software that allows us to set his lighting at
any intensity we choose (plus fading and ramping), we can
give Rudolf many different looks.
PLUS 2005

In July, the daughter and I flew to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to attend a Computerized Christmas Display Conference call PLUS
(PlanetChristmas Lights Up Symposium).  PLUS is sponsored by PlanetChrismtmas.com, the home base for all computerized
Christmas displays.  Pigeon Forge is an interesting place.  It is Dolly Parton's home town.  It is also very "Christmas Centric" city
with many Christmas related stores and a huge winter light display.  They are many theatres in town that host a variety of
country themed shows.  Dolly's own amusement park, DollyWood is in town, and there are about 200 other attractions like
go-karting, mini golf, laser tag, bungee jumping, etc..... We went to Dollywood for a coaster fix, and we also saw George Jones
and went to see the Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede.
Dave in the left picture back right with yellow hat.  
Here are a couple of videos that we took  while inside one of
the Christmas stores.

Video 2
Click image for hi-res photo