- Behind the Scenes 2006 -
2005 - Light-O-Rama, Ruldolf 2.0 and Christmas Light Convention
2004 - fiber optic simulator
2003 - construction of the lighted candy cane vase
2002 - info on the PC control
2001 - American Flag, Streelight trickery
In these two self-portraits, my daughter is mocking me for the old prescription glasses that I use in the garage to see with.  I
found these pictures on my camera a few months after she took them.  She learned her lessons well.  In the art of practical
joking, one must sometimes be very patient.
Andy in his Birch trees
Ray & Andy on the ground.  Dave high above taking photo.
This is what happens when you leave your spares (box 1 of 4)
behind a car....
Someone needs a "timeout".
Finally!  A cherry picker with a cup holder!
LOR controllers ready for their enclosures.  Kelsey built the big
one from a kit.
Andy painting Mega Tree frame in July.
White light strings waiting to be fixed in their "Little Red Wagon".
Closeup of street light sensor with LED taped on.  Look at all
that bird poop!
Street light in foreground, solar panels in background.
Wrapping street lights.
Extracting Grinch sound bytes for Opening Night
Strobes - as purchased.
Kids working on strobes.
Replacing a resistor in each strobe to increase the flash rate.
Strobes reassembled, weatherproofed and painted (still need
covers screwed on).
The box on the left is our original spares box.  It's about  1/2 the size of the top box in the photo on the right.  These four boxes
on the right house our current spare bulb inventory (just for Dave's house).  We used to have two red boxes, but there was an
accident (see photo elsewhere on this page).  The original box was retired (thrown in the trash) this year as it was just too small
and it had a broken hinge.
Snow fluid production.  Official "Snow Fluid" from Chauvet
costs $27 per gallon plus $10 shipping.  We use two gallons a
night.  So a little internet research turned up a few different
recipes.  After some experimentation, we decided on distilled
water and Meguiar's car wash soap (purple bottle).  Approx.
1/4 cup of soap mixed with 2 gallons of distilled water works
pretty darn good for about $2 per gallon.
Click image for hi-res photo
Oh No!!  The Grinch has broken into Mission Control!!  He's pondering what his next evil act will be.....
Visible in the photos:  Schematic, old fiber optic simulator, digital output distribution board, computer, microphone to talk to the
folks outside when they are being naughty (too loud).  Not visible:  amp for sidewalk speaker, FM transmitter, mic mixer.  Note:  
the iPod is not used as part of the Xmas Display.  
Mega Tree Down!!!
The wind storm on 12/27 wrecked our Mega Tree.  When I left
to walk the dog it was fine.  When I came back it looked like
this.  Whaaa!!!  We removed the frame and placed the lights
on the lawn in the shape of a tree.  Don't worry, it will be back
next year!