- Behind the Scenes 2007 -
2006 - Strobes, Grinch, Mega Tree Down!, snow fluid
2005 - Light-O-Rama, Ruldolf 2.0 and Christmas Light Convention
2004 - fiber optic simulator
2003 - construction of the lighted candy cane vase
2002 - info on the PC control
2001 - American Flag, Streelight trickery
Andy supervising the delivery of the barricades for Opening
Click image for hi-res photo
Dr. Dave fixing a reindeer.  The stethoscope is used to locate
the bad bulb (Our magic Blue Box makes the bad bulb buzz).
Basset puppy "Dude" helping?  Having Dude around helped fill
the void.
Rudolf wearing Sparky's collar as a tribute to our departed
family member.  Click on photo for picture of Sparky "helping".
Flag II begins in May....
The stars.
The Dude conducting an inspection.
Back of flag right before lift up to roof.  (Brother-in-law Wes)
We make our own custom length extension cords with
male/female connectors and bulk wire.
Last year's after Xmas sale.  Each string $0.99 ea.  These
were used for our color layered bushes and tree trunks.
Dave's streelight sensor with last year's tape.  Bird poop near
sensor.  A hole that wasn't there last year at bottom.  Bullet
Andy's streetlight sensor after securing LED.  We have learned
to minimize the tape on the sensor as it is just plugged in and
can come loose when we "yank" the LED off.
All of the digital Solid State Relay controllers that were
replaced by Light-o-Rama controllers this year.
Building Light-o-Rama controllers.
Our Schematic.  This is the final version (#6).  It shows all display elements along with their power sources, computer cable runs and controllers for both SSR and Light-o-Rama.
All of the digital Solid State Relay controllers that were
replaced by Light-o-Rama controllers this year.
Our 2nd floor back deck.  The white bucket is the snow fluid
tank.  It gravity feeds the snow machine on the garage.  Also
visible is the mount for the star over the house.
Disneyland Scouting Trip - Christmas tree on Main Street after
a rain storm.  This photo just to show that it happens to the
best of them.....
Disneyland Scoutiing Trip - Sleeping Beauty's Castle with
"Snow Overlay".  All lights are white LED's.  The turrets
Disneyland Scouting Trip - Dave in ornament on Disneyland
Hotel Christmas Tree.  Photo by Sharon.
Final Food pickup.  We collected 1,800 lbs.  A little less than
last year which is good because we prefer money over food.
Testing for 2008.... Three different strings.  Standard white
incandescent on the left.  LED warm white M6 style in the
middle.  LED warm white 5mm concave on the right.  The Tacky
Committee picked the 5mm LEDs.  Look for many of these in
The Tear-down Crew.

From left:  Carrie Levin, Adrian, Eric, and Josh Levin.  The boys
got community service credit, and Carrie was the "Parental
Supervision"  (I guess I don't count.  Good call.).  In a five
hour shift, they unwrapped all of the rear tree, got the lights
off the mega tree and finished about 80% of Andy's Magnolia
tree.  Photo at right show all three boys in the same tree.