- Behind the Scenes 2008 -
2007 - New Flag, Dr. Dave, The Dude, old controllers, Disney scouting trip, snow fluid delivery system
2006 - Magnolia Strobes, Grinch, Mega Tree Down!, snow fluid
2005 - Light-O-Rama, Ruldolf 2.0 and Christmas Light Convention
2004 - fiber optic simulator
2003 - construction of the lighted candy cane vase
2002 - info on the PC control
2001 - American Flag, Streelight trickery
Click image for hi-res photo
Note how the left side is thinner than the right.  We
accidentally used 100 bulb strings meant for the street lights
on the left half.  We had to unwrap and redo this one.
Arch sequence testing.
Wes checking to make sure the right lights are plugged in the
right channels.
Testing  PCB's in Sunnyvale
A wet Ray helping with Andy's street light.
Daughter's PCB soldering station at her apartment in Long
Once again, I am mocked for my need for magnification.
Seven new LOR controller kits
New epoxy floor in the  garage a month later.  Getting ready
for the Tesla.
Andy running lights on the Mega Tree frame.
Wrapping the "Rear Tree".  Someday I should figure out what
this tree is.....
LED delivery/inventory.  Six boxes packed to the brim with
Rock Candy Arches
View of wrapping density, and a close up of what 5mm
concave LEDs look like.
August.  A round of golf, and then work on Xmas lights.
Building LOR Controllers
Playing with LEDs
They didn't have the lift size that we ordered, so we got an
"upgrade".  This thing was HUGE.  That's Andy somewhere up
there topping off his birch trees.
Screen shot of the LOR Power Utility.  LOR II data files are
now in XML format.  This means that we can now manipulate
the data.  Another Xmas light guy on our web forum created
this macro that lets us enter in the max watts that each
channel uses, and then it charts the power usage for a song
in 0.1 second increments.  This is very useful for determining if
there are any points in the song where you might be
overloading the controller.  It also lets you calculate exactly
how much electricity each song uses.  We used this to make
sure that each of our 2008 songs uses less electricity than in