- Behind the Scenes 2009 -
2008 - Building Arches and Controllers, Garage Before and After
2007 - New Flag, Dr. Dave, The Dude, old controllers, Disney scouting trip, snow fluid delivery system
2006 - Magnolia Strobes, Grinch, Mega Tree Down!, snow fluid
2005 - Light-O-Rama, Ruldolf 2.0 and Christmas Light Convention
2004 - fiber optic simulator
2003 - construction of the lighted candy cane vase
2002 - info on the PC control
2001 - American Flag, Streelight trickery
Click image for hi-res photo
Testing the coin receiver with a Light-o-Rama Controller.  
Building the coin box, and final product mounted on the
Frost on the lawn.  Our version of snow.....
All of our Light-o-Rama controllers (the pile looks more
impressive in real life).
Close up of one of our RJ-45 Cat 5 network connectors after
the "green goo" has grown.  This usually occurs about 24
hours after a good rain, and this stuff will take down the
entire display.  There are over 50 of these connectors in the
Opening Night skit characters.  From left:  Puss in Boots, The Gingerbread Man (Gingy), and Shrek.  Gingy stayed in the show.  
Puss and Shrek were only seen once on Opening Night.
New laptop that controls the display and new amp for
Opening Night.
Valerie putting up lights.
Reindeer throughout the neighborhood were "violated" one
Wrapping the "Rear Tree".  Someday I should figure out what
this tree is.....
Valerie's cat Raja hanging around at night.
Building Snow Machine Coin Box
We prototyped this "Viewtainer" in 2009 to see if it did a
better job of protecting the connectors in 2009.  It seemed
to do the trick and we ordered enough for the entire display
for 2010 (in green, not orange).  Check the 2010 BTS page
next year to see the results.