- Local Displays -
- Utica Dr -
Many decorated houses on Utica.  See below for two of them...

-Turner Home-
Around the corner halfway down Utica you will find the home of one of our neighbors, Ray Turner.  Ray always does
an excellent job with his Xmas Display.  As usual, the pictures do not tell the whole story.  Ray uses C9 style bulbs in
alternating red and white on the house and red, white and green at the sidewalk.  The lights on the wreath above the
garage twinkle.  In 2004, Ray wrapped his streetlight using our design.  This light is the first franchised element from
the Severns-Pease display.  
-Potter Home-
At the corner of Tilton and Utica.  Dave Potter's house is striking in the distance when entering the block at
Remington and Tilton.  His upstairs round room resembles a Santa hat with the icicles around the base and the
strings of red lights running up to a star and the top.  There is also a  "blue moon" on the other side of the house.
If you're in our neighborhood, please check out these displays as well!  Each year our neighborhood gets
more festive.  Great job everyone!

-Templeton Ct.-
Almost all of the houses in this court are decorated.
-Sheraton Drive, Sunnyvale-
Between Hollenbeck and Pome.  Mike's house (Santa visits near Christmas).
Click image for hi-res photo

-6408 San Anselmo Way, San Jose-

Mark's house has over 17,000 lights, wooden figurines, blowups, some lights synchonized to music, projectors, snow
machine, and a suspended Santa Claus and Reindeer above the house.  They are also a Toys for Tots drop-off

-Bluebonnet Drive, Sunnyvale-

This display is about 2 miles away from ours, but it's worth the trip because they are controlling 4 different houses
with the same Light-O-Rama hardware/software that we use.  One neighbor is across the street, so you might have
to look in two directions at once!  It's on Bluebonnet Dr. near Sequoia Dr.
House #1 (Steve's)
House #2 (Ron's)
House #3
Check out Lights of the Valley for a comprehensive list
-Sheraton Drive, Sunnyvale-
Between Hollenbeck and Pome.  Raymond's house.  Inflatables everywhere!

Sunnyvale Computerized Displays

-Corral Ave, Sunnyvale-

Scott's house is about 3 miles away from ours, and is also a Light-o-Rama controlled display.  They have a lot of the
same elements that we do:  Wrapped streetlights, Mega Tree, Mini Trees and Arches.  New for 2009:  Cosmic Color
Videos from 2008 can be found on their website at

San Jose

-882 Quetta Ave, Sunnyvale-

Gonzales Light and Sound Company.  A small display that mixes  interpretations of holiday music from different eras.
Show runs from Sunday, 11/28/2010 through Sunday 1/2/2011. At 5:45 PM the show starts with lights but no
music.  Music on 104.1 FM with lights run from 6:00 PM to 9:50 PM.  A Halloween show is also produced with special
animation features being planned.  A website is also planned for next season.

Santa Clara

-Winter Holiday House-
-Shasta Drive, Santa Clara-
-Sloat Ct., Santa Clara-