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11-29-10 - Here is a brief synopsis of what is new for 2010.  I will add more photos and details in a few days.

In order, from least interesting to most:

The Red, Blue and Green wrapping on the Magnolia tree trunks has been replaced with a single channel of pure-white LEDs.  When
these are lit along with the older incandescent white lights they give a very rich silver/gold look.

New two channel blue and green LEDs on the far left and right bushes of the display (replaces single channel multi-colored

San Francisco Giants logo at back fence between the properties.  Various orange lights throughout the display (including Rudolf)
that turn on during each of our three Giants tribute sequences.

Santa appears in the upstairs window of 1168 (next to the American Flag).

Four new sequences.  Three for the Giants, and  Joy to the World (sequenced by www.bluebonnetlights.com in Sunnyvale)

New hand-made icicles for both houses.  40% more bulbs, pure-white LED, longer, denser.  Over 12,000 zip ties used in
construction.  These CANNOT be purchased in stores.  Separately controlled blue accent lighting for icicles.