- Display Photos Archive (1995-2005) -
2005 - Rudolf 2.0 with his cool shades and laser
2005 - Rudolf 2.0 in his new location
2005 - Rudolf 2.0 lights dimmed with blue spotlight
2005 - New Polar Bear and Twig Tree
2005 - New Candy Canes on Pease balcony.
2005 - The Big Tree is BACK!!  It now has shimmering lights
and the star hangs above it and spins.
2005 - New Garland lights in the Pease birch trees.
2005 - New LED demo on the other side of bushes on the
right side of the property.
2005 - Two full barrels ready for pickup on Monday after
Opening Night.
2005 - 5 year old Lucie went home and drew this from memory
after Opening Night...  Awwww......
2005 - Family friend Kathleen made this plate at Petroglyph
(The Ceramic Lounge). Notice Rudolf's green laser beam,
atomic sunglasses, and little white lights.
2004 - All icicles have been hand painted  with a shade of
light blue on the top three rows.  We used stained glass
paint from France.  More info on the
News page.
2004 - The white "festival lights" are new.  The red
lights are turned off in this photo.
2004 - More blue icicles.  The flag is not new, but it's a new picture and
we did repaint all the blue bulbs because they were fading.  The red
bulbs are LEDs and will never fade.  The blue paint on the icicles is a
lighter shade than the blue on the flag.
2004 - Small 3-D stars tucked into the branches of
the rear tree between the two houses.
2005 - The Reindeer Pond has been upgraded with
shimmering lights.
2003 - Dave's Dad's Star
2004 - The Second Harvest
food barrels got into the act
with some red rope lights....
2003 - Candy Cane
Marble Light
(Inside the house)
2003 - Red & Green Festival lights
2003 - Inside View
2003 Lighting Ceremony - Approx. 150 people braved the elements (and consumed 6 gallons of hot cider...)
2002 Lighting Ceremony
2001 Lighting Ceremony
2001 new addition - Deer at sparking pond
2001 new addition - American Flag
Pease home from lift (35 ft)
Severns home from lift (35 ft)
2004 - Front of Severns house
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