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2010 - Don't Stop Believing - Giants Tribute
2008 - Wizards in Winter (video/editing by Mark Stenholm)   Wizards in Winter (lo-res)
2007 - Stille Nacht (video/editing by Brad Elliott)   Linus & Lucy (partial)
2005 - Wizards in Winter
2002 - Dueling Banjos  2002 - Hey Mickey

Display Elements
2008 - Rock Candy Arches  Mini Trees  Street Light Strobes
2007 - American Flag II  Magnolia Trees
2006 - Mega Tree  Snow Machine  Animal Choir sings Bohemian Rhapsody  Magnolia Trees

2008 - Kids in Snow  Opening Night - Dueling Banjos  Opening Night - Wizards

2010 KNTV 11 feature
2008 KGO 7 Interview
2007 KPIX 5 Interview
2003 - KRON 4 feature
-2009-2008 Display Photos-
Our 2008 Hi-Resolution full display photo

2006-2007 Photo Archives
1998-2005 Photo Archives
Click image for hi-res photo
Our Display is so wide that we cannot get a straight-on photo in just one frame.  We take multiple frames and then use software
to stitch them together to make the full photo.  Usually we use the "panorama" method where the camera stays in one spot and
we rotate the camera on the tripod to get the multiple shots.  This year (2008) we also tried a "parallel" photo, where the camera
is moved down the line of the display and always points straight at the display and doesn't rotate.  This is difficult to do with
anything that has depth, because  objects move relative to each other due to parallax errors.  In the two photos above, you can
see the parallel version above the panorama version.  (Hi-res versions:  
parallel  panorama).  Note that in the parallel version the
American flag and the star over the Severns home are visible, where they are not visible in the panorama photo.  But... if you look
at the hi-res version of the parallel photo, you will see that our houses are really messed up.  Andy has two front doors and my
house has two dining room windows.

There are multiple things that have to be done to get this photo.  
1) Write a LOR sequence that turns on the proper lights at the proper intensity.  Some things we don't want turned on for the
photo, such as the layered colors on the bushes and tree trunks , the snow machine, Rudolf's spotlights, etc.  Some items need
to be toned down.  The arches are set to 40% and they are still very bright.  The American flag was set to 50% and it probably
should have been set at 30%
2) Find a time of day where traffic won't be a problem.  Evenings are out.  I took these photos at 6:00 am.  Just me and the
Pease's cat, Raja.
3) Get a good camera.  I used a Canon Digital Rebel SLR.  Manual mode:  ISO 200 f5.6 shutter 0.6 sec, seven second timer on a
Look what Santa brought!
Unfortunately, Santa only brought it for a visit and he took it
away after about an hour.... "Santa" was actually a Tesla
Engineer who brought the car over late Saturday night for
photos and test drives. Thanks Bill! This car is
Tesla Roadster
VP-13 (VP = Validation Prototype). VP-13 is the same car that I
test drove last summer, but it has since been retrofitted with
the new production power train (1.5) and it is now insanely
quick off the line (0-60 < 4 sec). Bill put it through it's paces
with me in the passenger seat. A few cloverleafs and some
freeway on-ramps had me wearing the "Tesla Grin". I gotta get
me one of these! Oh wait.... I
am getting one of these! But let
me be clear. I will
not be getting an orange one. I call it the
"Trix Tesla" (Rasberry Red, Lemon Yellow and
Orange Orange).

Note:  The Tesla Roadster is ALL-ELECTRIC with a 244 mile
range.  It is powered by 6,831 Li-Ion AA laptop batteries.  Our
last year's electrical surplus would drive this car for 11,000
miles FOR FREE.  Delivery expected in late June 2009.
Michael Duarte - 12-10-09
Michael Duarte - 12-10-09
Tesla Night 2009 - Photo by DG
Tesla Night 2009 - Photo by Jim Howard
2009 - Snow machine and snow coin slot
2009 - Ginger Bread Man from Shrek (Gingy) & view of Mega Tree out of the Severns Living Room window.
-2010 Display Photos-
Our New pure-white icicles at 20% power.
Icicles at full power.  Note the difference between the reindeer and the icicles.  The reindeer are white incandescents.
Santa in our upstairs window.  He waves, eats cookies, checks his list, and hauls presents around.
Tesla Night 2010
Including matching funds, we raised over $2,500 that night for the food bank giving rides with 6
Tesla Roadsters.  More pictures here
(All Tesla photos by Mark Kendall)