- Snow Machine -
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We have a snow machine above the Severns driveway (house on the right) that is controlled by Rudolf.  It looks like real snow, but
it is actually soap bubbles.  Many songs automatically produce snow.  If you pay attention, you will notice that Rudolf provides hints
as to when he will be making snow.  If his nose blinks at the beginning of a song, get ready, because snow is coming.  His nose will
also start to blink approximately 10 seconds before he turns on the snow.  Songs that have automatic snow are highlighted on our
playlist page.

You may also purchase additional snow by inserting quarters into the coin slot.

100% of all snow machine contributions will go to the food drive.  In addition, the Severns-Pease Xmas Display will match all

25 cents will provide 25 seconds of snow.

The coin slot will only accept quarters. Other coin types will be returned in the coin return slot.

Quarters cannot be pre-loaded to get more time.  Every time a quarter is inserted, the timer resets to 25 seconds.  Please wait until
the snow machine stops before adding the next quarter.

Snow machine hours are 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM.

The snow machine is ready if the green light is lit. If the light is red, orange, or off, there is either a problem, or the time of day is
outside of the machine's operating hours.

There are many reasons why the snow machine may not operate after inserting a quarter (running out of snow fluid being the
number one reason).  If you put in a quarter and don't receive any snow, please do not knock on our door and ask for a refund.  
Consider it a small donation to the food drive.  Also, please put the "Out of Order" cover (hanging on the blue tree on the right side
of the garage) over the coin box to indicate to others (and us) that there is a problem with the machine.

The snow machine fluid is a mixture of car-wash soap and water.  The soap is non-toxic, but it doesn't taste good.  Just know that
your kids will leave cleaner than they were when they arrived.