- Sparks of Inspiration -
We are honored to post the following artwork and activities that have been inspired by our display.
2005 - 5 year old Lucie went home and drew this from memory after Opening Night...  Awwww......
2005 - Family friend Kathleen made this plate at Petroglyph (The Ceramic Lounge). Notice
Rudolf's green laser beam, atomic sunglasses, and little white lights.
2006 - Neighbor Neil Joseph who is now an Electrical Engineering student at Cal, built this extra
credit project of an LED lit gingerbread house.  The lights flash/react to sound using  hi, med, and low
band pass filters.  His choice of music:  Wizards in Winter (our most popular song).
pdf of Neil's project report
Video of house in action
2006 - Neighbors Susan, Balvie and Flo wrote this poem.
Click image for hi-res photo
2007 - Kelsey made this wreath out of burned out bulbs from our Display.
2008 - Inspired by our Food Drive, Nicholas (age 3),  along with friends Sophie and Rebecca
start a neighborhood food drive.
Nice Haul! Now it's off to FISH to find the "hungry people".
2009 - 7 year old Kyra sent us this great Thank You note after the 2009 season.