An animated, solar powered display - broadcasting on 104.1 FM
88,000 computer controlled lights on 275 different channels, synchronized to music.
Over 65,000 LEDs in 2010.
We broke our food drive goal of $80,000 on 1/10/11!  The Severns-Pease Christmas Display has now donated over
1,000,000 pounds of food since 2003 More info on our
Press/Awards page and Food Drive pages.
1168 & 1164 Tangerine Way
Sunnyvale, CA
Let's go see some lights!!
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Dave Severns
Andy Pease
Kelsey Severns
Photo: Mark Kendall
I am so sad to tell all of you that Dave Severns has passed away after a long fought battle with
cancer. He got so much enjoyment from sharing the Christmas Lights with everyone, and last
year was so important to him. Thank you all for loving the lights and loving him. We have
decided not to continue the lights. If you want to honor him, please
give to Second Harvest in
his name. Sharon Severns